Why hello there

I'm Robin Ramses Hardy more commonly referred to as Robin Hardy.

I am a game programmer from the Netherlands. I have been programming since 2016 but more actively since 2018. I am a student at BUAS(Breda University of Applied Sciences) currently looking for an internship. In the projects I have worked on I have been a gameplay/AI programmer and hope to continue doing so.


The programming language I have used the most is C++. I started using it in 2018 and have used it for most of my projects since.

I have used Blender for a side project in which I decided to make an animation. I know some of the basics of Blender but I am not good at making things with it.

Unreal Engine I am most familiar with having used it since 2020 for most of my projects. I have used it in a couple of released games which will be mentioned in the Projects section.

I have used Unity for some prototypes. I have some experience with it although not nearly as much as with Unreal.