Sugar Blast

This is a 3rd person shooter where you control the candy factories mascot and stop the out-of-control robots.

I was an AI/Gameplay programmer and mainly worked on the BakerBot enemy and bugfixing.

Link to the game:


2nd-year project

Team: 23 people

Time: 16 weeks

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team Composition:

PR: 4

DP: 9

VA: 10

My contributions

The biggest contribution I had for the final product was the programming behind the BakerBot enemy(see image to the right) and everything related to it. Besides, the work on the enemy AI I have done a lot of bug fixing.

Most of the functionality was done by me with the most important parts being the movement of the BakerBot along with its jumping(see gif below) and the attacking of the player.


I helped a lot with the prototyping. In the gifs below you can see a system for claiming tiles, this was an early concept idea we had for the game where we were thinking more of a Splatoon like game. For this we needed a system to claim the entire area and have it count towards the captured amount. In the gif on the left you can see the player and enemy capturing territory. In the gif on the right is the capture amount shown at the top. In the shown gif it is still broken but it was fixed.

After this I made it easier for them to be placed as first it would just be on a plane but now they conform to the ground beneath them. This can be seen in the image on the left below here. There are still some gaps but this is a prototype and that would have been fixed had we continued with this concept. In the gif on the right, you can see a different version of this system where instead of every tile being an actor they are all in a single actor. This version only supported planar tiles and not the angled tiles and was not linked to the progress bar. This was however a lot more efficient performance-wise.