Custom Engine

This is a custom engine project which didn't end up being used for our 2nd year project. In this project we made a custom engine that runs on both PS4 and Windows.

I was a Tools and AI Programmer my biggest contribution is the sound and input on PS4 along with pathfinding for the AI.


2nd-year project

Team: 7 people

Time: 16 weeks

Engine: Custom

Team Composition:

PR: 7

My contributions

The results video was recorded on the PS4 output. I cannot show a lot from this project because I am under NDA. In the video you can hear sound being played which came from the PS4 and was done using FMOD. In the video the bottom character is controlled by my while the top one is an AI using pathfinding on a grind to find me. This is a simplified version which has the AI move from point to point trying to reach the character I am controlling.